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    Welcome to Transform the Pain. Here, you'll find help in overcoming emotional pain and loss. You'll receive guidance and support on your way through the pain. Together, we will transform it into something far nicer and better.


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    I offer guidance through severe emotional upheaval and pain you are likely experiencing after the unthinkable happened so that you can overcome and transform it into something better. The issues you might be facing can range from personal problems to death, painful breakups, and loss of a job. While not every loss is considered "serious" in our society regardless of how severe the consequences, you need to know that it's not the society that can determine how bad things are for you. Only you and you alone can be the judge of that.


    What matters is you and how you feel about it!


    One-on-one transformation sessions can help you overcome and deal with these issues. The meetings take place online or over the phone - whichever option you prefer. Think of them as a safe place where you can pour your heart out without the fear of being judged or misunderstood. Together, we'll create your personal transformation. It will be based on your specific situation and needs. I'll guide you every step of the way for as long as you'll need me.

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    Thank you to the moon and back!

    Hi, Mateja, I want to thank you for our work together. I am now a mommie. I closed the book on the toxic relationship with my mother and have not looked back. Thank you to the moon and back! XO, A.

    Invaluable insights!

    I've never met anyone so wise as you, Mateja! I moved to a new place, found a job better suited to my needs, and left Mary Jane behind. Your insights were invaluable! M.

    I finally resolved the issues from my childhood!

    Mateja! Thank you for helping me resolve the issues I dragged along since childhood. I reclaimed the power over my life and won't let anyone take it from me again. With gratitude, J.

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