• Coping with emotional pain, grief, and loss

  • Your personal transformation guide Mateja Klaric will help you transform the pain into light, growth, and understanding. Mateja graduated in psychology from Arizona State University with the highest distinction and is a member of several honors societies. She keeps learning and stays on top of new findings by taking CE courses on the topic of well-being and emotional pain, such as The Science of Happiness from UC Berkeley.


    Last but not least, she went through severe trauma and loss herself and knows exactly how it feels. Her personal experience with grief helps her better understand others and know which techniques and approaches work best in alleviating emotional pain and suffering.



    Thank you to the moon and back!

    Hi, Mateja, I want to thank you for our work together. I am now a mommie. I closed the book on the toxic relationship with my mother and have not looked back. Thank you to the moon and back! XO, A.

    Invaluable insights!

    Mateja! I moved to a new place, found a job better suited to my needs, and left Mary Jane behind. Your insights were invaluable! M.

    I finally resolved the issues from my childhood!

    Thank you for helping me resolve the issues I dragged along since childhood. I reclaimed the power over my life and won't let anyone take it from me again. With gratitude, J.


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    When life deals us a blow, such as the loss of the loved one or emotional trauma, the pain can be excruciating and visceral. We can literally feel it in our body. Sensations, such as the feeling of breaking heart or walking around with a hole in our chest, are common. Interestingly enough, it...

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    Writing to Heal the Pain: Stories & Poems

    A memoir Writing to Heal the Pain: Stories & Poems is an example of how to process loss and emotional pain by writing about it.